GR Linguistics is able to provide you with proficient written translations of financial and economic texts as well as translations of contracts, accounts, reports and business letters. Our agency’s highly experienced specialists carry out professional translations of technical documents, advertising materials, popular scientific literature and websites.

All our translators are professionals who have graduated in linguistics and philology. Besides these qualifications, many of them have received a secondary higher education in economics, law and technical sciences.

Each text, no matter how difficult or easy, technical or literary, is read over by a proof-reader who checks not only for occasional misprints but also to make sure that the format and stylistic integrity conforms to the required standard, which is especially important when a text has been developed by more than one translator.

Measurement unit

We use the standard page format of 1800 printed characters including spaces as the basis for calculating the price of the order.

Minimum order and delivery schedule

The minimum order is 1 standard page. The average translation speed is 8-12 standard pages per day. In the case of large translation projects we form a group of translators under the supervision of a senior translator, editor and project manager. In this case the average translation speed increases to 30-50 standard pages per day.