Notarized Translation

Notarized translation is the official translation of legal documents. In order to do a notarized translation, the original document is stitched with the translation and the signature of the translator is certified by a notary. Only certified translators have the right to do notarized translations. Our team is comprised of certified translators of most European and Asian languages. This allows us to provide you with notarized translations in the shortest possible time.

Measurement unit and delivery schedule

The measurement unit for this service is the translator’s signature. If a document is to be translated from Russian or into Russian only one translator’s signature is to be notarized. If a document is to be translated from one foreign language into another two translator’s signatures are to be notarized.

Minimum order and delivery schedule

One translator’s signature is the minimum order for this service. As a rule, it takes us one business day to notarize a translation.