Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting the speaker has to stop after a couple of sentences and let the interpreter translate his or her words. As a rule, consecutive translation is required at small-scale events: business meetings, round table events, seminars, exhibitions, excursions, etc. GR Linguistics offers you qualified and experienced consecutive translation specialists. Our professional interpreters will enable you to communicate successfully, and ensure mutual understanding and the complete linguistic transfer of all the information.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting the person, who works in a special booth and uses headphones and a microphone, translates the speaker’s words almost simultaneously. As a rule, simultaneous translation is used at events such as big international conferences, high-level meetings, etc.

The measurement unit

The measurement unit for consecutive or simultaneous interpreting is 1 hour or 1 day (8 hours).

The minimum order

The minimum order is 3 hours. If the actual time exceeds the planned one, the overall time will be rounded up to 30 minutes.

Please take note

If you require our oral translation services it is advised that you place your order no less than 2 days before the planned event.