Code of Ethics

Our specialists are always committed to do the following:

  • Politely and fully respond to the questions regarding their services and fees
  • Take only such orders for which they have enough knowledge and time to perform well
  • Tell clients what materials they get when the work is done, how and in what time frame, as well as who pays for the delivery, before the project will start
  • Adhere to the requirements, allowing them to satisfy all the needs of their customers
  • Consider any personal data and other important information as confidential and take all possible measures to protect it
  • Be responsible for the quality of work they carry out
  • Take all steps to ensure the execution of a project in accordance with the highest professional standards
  • Do not attempt to change the agreed terms after the beginning of work other than by mutual consent of the parties
  • Do their best to comply with the agreed time frame, even in case of unforeseen difficulties
  • Strive to continuously improve professional skills